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Cable Protection Systems (CPS)

Over 8,800 Cable Protection Systems installed on over 100 offshore wind projects worldwide.

With an extensive track record in the connection and protection of submarine power cables, Tekmar Energy’s 10th Generation of Cable Protection System offers full protection of power cables, from hang-off through to burial, during installation, and over their service life.

Key Features

  • Proven, robust and dynamic
  • Patented mechanical latch system
  • Extensive track record
  • Protects against:
    • impact and abrasion
    • scour development
    • hydrodynamic cyclic loading
    • pinch points
    • localised fatigue
    • stress concentration



TekDuct provides impact and abrasion protection for subsea power cables, umbilicals, risers and flowlines. It can also be used to provide additional ballast and on bottom stability as well as providing protection for bundled cables.

Key Features

  • Comprises two identical half shell mouldings
  • Configured to closely match the cable/flowline diameter
  • Simple installation process designed to accommodate three anti corrosion bands per length as standard

Key Track Record

  • et Norske Ivar Aasen
  • Marathon Oil West Brae
  • SSE Caithness Moray
  • Total Badamyar
  • Wave Hub
  • Shell Platform North Sea
  • Northland Power Lake Huron

Bend Restrictors

Tekmar Vertebrae Bend Restrictors (VBR) are lightweight dynamic components designed to limit the bend radius of subsea cables, umbilicals and flowlines by mechanical means during both installation and service life. The standard design consists of two half shells secured together using bolted fasteners.

Tekmar also offer an innovative quick install solution called TekLok. This is a unique quick install bend restrictor designed to meet industry demand for lower costs and faster installation times. Tekmar has advanced the field proven six bolt design to meet the requirements of our customers and ensure our technology continues to be industry leading without compromising on quality.

Key Features

  • Comprises two identical half shell mouldings with mercury free design
  • Lock out prevents over-bending
  • Subsea protection against physical damage
  • Fixing methodology ensures compliance to 25 year design life
  • Designed and manufactured in accordance with API 17L
  • Utilises Tekmar’s qualified PU material

Key Track Record

  • Total Martin Linge
  • Statoil Oseberg
  • ONGC Vashishta
  • QP MM Field
  • Apache Ness Nevis Infill
  • Total Badamyar
  • Cardon IV Perla
  • YFP Aje Field
  • Apache Calleter
  • Apache Beryl
  • Hess North Malay Basin
  • ENI Abo Phase 3
  • Wintershall Ravn
  • Talisman Blake B3
  • Statoil Troll 3-4 Connector
  • Statoil Goliat
  • Shell F29

Cable Hang-offs

Tekmar have taken a very standard “off-the-shelf” component used within the industry and pioneered a new patented solution, addressing many of the problems associated with the previously available products on the market. The hang-off clamp secures the cable at the top of the foundation (j-tube or monopile) and allows it to be terminated.

Key Features

  • Quick and efficient assembly process
  • Temporary clamp pressure <3MPa (most existing designs exceed this)
  • Reduced stick distance from the hang-off flange in order to support the core routing and termination
  • Optimised for sealing when used on a monopile foundation and passed tests in over 3 bar of pressure (most existing designs reach up to 1 bar)
  • Reduced sealing resin requirement (typically 2-3 litres whereas most existing designs use up to 10, which is a H&S risk)

Key Track Record

  • Danish Krieger’s Flak Offshore Wind Farm
  • Hornsea 1 Offshore Windfarm
  • Mory East Offshore Windfarm
  • Hornsea 2 Offshore Windfarm
  • Formosa 2 Offshore Wind
  • Tahkoluoto Offshore Windfarm
  • Blyth Demonstrator Offshore Windfarm
  • Block Island Offshore Windfarm

J-Tube Seals

Tekmar J-Tube Seals provide pressure retention within a J-Tube and clamp to the cable or umbilical centralising the product. The seal provides a long term barrier, prohibiting corrosion by preventing seawater from entering the J-Tube. In addition, the seal clamp provides a reaction interface to attach a train of bend restrictors in order to protect the cable or umbilical from overbending in the free span.

Key Features

  • Passive and diver activated designs available
  • Compact and low pull in load options available (less than 1t) with proven track record
  • Full in house pressure and slip testing capability
  • Established range of standard and quick install bend restrictors available to protect the cable or umbilical on the back end of the J-Tube Seal

Key Track Record

  • Gazprom Kaliningrad
  • Adma OpCo NASR Phase II
  • Statoil Oseberg
  • Statoil Gina Krog
  • Wintershall Ravn
  • Total Martin Linge

Bend Stiffeners

Tekmar static bend stiffeners provide overbending protection during installation and operation. Their primary purpose is to provide additional stiffness and control the minimum bend radius of the cable or umbilical. Tekmar utilise full in house design and analysis capabilities to offer a broad range of stiffeners and connectors to suit client requirements.

Key Features

  • Tapered design provides transitional stiffness to protect the cable or umbilical minimum bend radius (MBR)
  • Integral end fitting available in a range of different materials
  • Split and single piece designs available

Key Track Record

  • Shell Platform North Sea
  • Chevron Alba
  • Shannon River Crossing
  • Iraq Crude Oil Export Expansion Project
  • TCP Jumper Project

Piggy Back Blocks

Tekmar provide a range of different clamping solutions from Piggyback Blocks through to Thermal Insulation Clamps, Covers and Armadillos. These products clamp to the cable, umbilical or flowline and can provide a mounting point for a secondary product, offer additional stiffness in areas that may have been stripped back in order to attach to an end fitting or provide a protective covering in damaged areas.


  • Piggyback products offer a quick method of attaching a secondary product to a main carrier pipeline
  • Clamping pressures optimised so as not to compromise the allowable clamping pressure on the cable, umbilical or flowline
  • Lightweight, compact designs allow for ease of assembly topside or subsea using divers

Track Record

  • ONGC Bassein Development
  • Petrobras Lula Field
  • Queiroz Galvão Atalnta Field
  • Freeport McMoran M63 Field

Ballast Modules

Tekmar Energy’s Ballast Modules are designed to provide additional on-bottom stability of subsea cables, umbilicals and flowlines.


  • The standard design consists of two half shells secured together using bolted fasteners.
  • Ballast Modules can be supplied with a hinge fastener for fast assembly or with four bolts for much higher weight applications. 
  • Provided with NORSOK Grade coating and cathodic protection, Ballast Modules can be supplied for marine applications up to 40 years.
  • CRPO #51, #52, #54
  • STP-21