Tekmar Energy is proud to announce our collaboration with the prestigious Durham University MBA program for the 2023 summer cohort.

We are thrilled to be part of the “Durham University Business School MBA Strategic Business Projects,” a remarkable initiative that promises to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the forefront of business solutions.

Two outstanding Durham University MBA participants have handpicked Tekmar Energy projects for their MBA business ventures – one focused on Sales & Marketing and the other on Business Systems.

This dynamic program engages Durham University MBA and MSc Business Analytics students undertaking an exciting business project as their ultimate academic challenge. We like to think of it as their dissertation with a real-world twist!

These projects empower us to address complex business challenges, ideas, and opportunities that might have otherwise gone unexplored due to time and resource constraints. Upon project completion, Tekmar Energy will receive a comprehensive report offering cutting-edge research, fresh insights, and actionable recommendations tailored to our business needs.

The Durham University MBA students, equipped with several years of management experience, bring their strategic prowess to help Tekmar Energy navigate intricate business ideas and challenges. On the other hand, the MSc Business Analytics students dive deep into data analysis, using advanced techniques to unravel specific business issues.

Our commitment to this collaboration extends beyond just business – it aligns seamlessly with our dedication to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles, emphasizing the importance of education, STEM, and personal development.

Join us in embracing this enriching partnership that promises to drive innovation, foster growth, and contribute to a brighter future for Tekmar Energy, the industry and beyond!