We support all offshore energy markets worldwide and believe in a sustainable energy mix.

Offshore Wind

Tekmar Energy has been active in the global offshore wind market for over 20 years and remains the market-leading provider of subsea cable protection systems.

To date, we have been trusted to protect thousands of subsea array and export cables across 90 projects worldwide with a generating capacity of over 30GW.

The market continues to grow in Europe, Asia, and the US and is increasingly reliant on a reliable and well protected subsea cable network to transport power from wind generating turbines to shore.

Offshore Energy

Tekmar Energy was founded in the offshore energy market over 35 years ago and it remains a key market for the company.

We’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in this time that we share with our customers and apply to our subsea technologies.

Our deep understanding of the subsea environment drives the design, engineering and delivery of our robust and cost-effective protection solutions for subsea umbilicals, risers and flexible flowlines.


Whilst subsea interconnectors play a vital role in balancing a nation’s energy supply, they are frequently installed in harsh environmental conditions, across some of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, therefore require proven and reliable subsea protection solutions.

Tekmar Energy uses its many years of experience to design and manufacture bespoke protection solutions for the global subsea interconnector market.


There is approximately 1.2 million km of submarine telecommunication cable in service around the world and this number is set to increase with the continual growth of internet users and cloud technology.

Tekmar Energy supports this market through the design, manufacturing and delivery of bespoke protection systems for subsea fiber optic cables systems.